Courtney Sharp December 13, 2017

Men’s guide to Christmas party wear

How to add a little holiday flair to your style without being too over the top this Christmas season.

It’s that time of year again. Town is lit up with lights, homes are decorated, and festive music is all over the radio. Christmas is finally here and with it, Christmas parties. The entire month of December feels like it’s one Christmas event after another and although we celebrate with our friends and family, the majority of these functions tend to be work-related.

Whether it’s Christmas Jumper Day, the Annual Christmas Gala, or even the more casual Annual Christmas Dinner, work tends to invest in social events this time of year. This is great because it brings livelihood to the work place, a bit of craic if you will, but it also brings up a major question: “What do I wear?”

Many times this question can be answered with two simple words: Christmas Jumper. The tradition lives on and one’s never too professional to wear one of these this time of year. That is unless you have to be for work. If you work in a more formal office environment, you may have to wear suits to work every day. It’s just the nature of the job in some roles/companies, you need to look the part, and unfortunately, this need doesn’t disappear based on the time of year. So, if you’re one of these men in this type of work environment, you may find it more difficult to dress for festive occasions.

With this in mind, we’ve written men’s guide to Christmas party wear. Our recommendations will add Christmas flair to your outfits this holiday season while still keeping it professional:

1. Velvet

Velvet adds character and personality to an outfit while inadvertently giving off a Christmas vibe. To make it even more festive, choose it in shades of burgundy, navy, or dark/emerald green.

Velvet  The men's guide to Christmas party clothing


How to wear:
Velvet blazers, velvet ties/bowties, suits/shirts with velvet details

2. Metallics / Sheen Fabrics

Just like velvet, simply adding sheen fabrics can really make a look automatically festive. Go for sheen fabrics with the colours of gold or silver especially but avoid having too much. After all, an entirely gold sheen suit isn’t the most professional looking.

The men's guide to Christmas party clothing  The men's guide to Christmas party clothing


How to wear:
Sheen ties/bowties, sheen pocket squares, sheen socks, blazers with sheen lining

3. Take Advantage of Accessories

Accessories have always allowed men to really show off their own personality/sense of style. It’s no different for Christmas theme so try finding accessories in Christmas colours, patterns, or materials (such as velvet and sheen as discussed above). Choosing the right accessories can truly take an outfit from 0 to 100, just make sure to be subtle and consistent when matching.


How to wear:
green and white polka dot pocket square, red socks, red and gold tie

4. Wear silver, gold, or red

It really can be that simple. Wearing colours such as traditional red, green, silver, or gold this time of year gives off a Christmas feel. Of course, don’t go overboard, but incorporating these colours into your outfit can give it a festive vibe all while keeping it classy and professional.

How to wear:
Coloured shirts, coloured accessories, shirts with colour details

5. Plaid

The pattern plaid inadvertently gives off a very festive/holiday vibe as well so incorporating this into your outfits can really help communicate that. Plaid is also a very professional pattern and can be easily worn in a formal work environment.



How to wear:
Plaid suits, Plaid blazers, Plaid trousers

Now, you are ready to tackle that work Christmas party without hesitation. No more being stuck on the infamous “What am I going to wear?” question.

If you do find yourself wondering exactly how to piece together the perfect festive party outfit, we can and would love to help. Head over to your profile and one of our stylists will help find the right look for your next holiday occasion.

Happy Christmas from all of us at TryTheTrend.