niall kelly October 25, 2017

How to measure my size guide.

Each man has ever come across the question: what is your size. To make your life easier and help you choose a correct size, we created a guide “How to measure my size”.

How to measure my size

The most common sizes are:

  • the collar/neck size
  • waist size
  • pants size
  • t-shirt size

What do you need?

  • A measuring tape
  • A mirror
  • A pen and a paper (to write everything down)

Use a string and a ruler or a measuring tape from a hardware store if you don’t have a measuring tape

Collar or neck size

  • Wrap the tape around your neck slightly below your Adam’s Apple
  • In order not to choke yourself with a collar, place 1 finger between your neck and the tape.

This measurement will help you choose a shirt and a jacket. 

Waist size

  • Find your natural waist line (it is right over the belly button or the narrowest point of your body)
  • Wrap the tape around it
  • Put a finger between your body and the tape for a comfortable fit

This measurement will help you choose your pants. 

Pants size:

Pants size is a combination or your waist size and length of a leg (in inches), even though in most of the cases knowing the waist size is enough.

The first number is your waist size, the second is your leg size.

How to measure your leg? 

Take the tape and measure the underside of the crotch to the ankle bone.

T-shirt size:

A t-shirt or a polo size depends on your chest.

To measure your chest you’ll need to find the widest part of it.

  • Wrap the tape around it
  • Put 1 finger between the tape and your body to give some freedom to your shirt

“T-shirt: how to measure my size” table

T-shirt size

Chest size




30 — 32

76 — 81


32 — 34

81 — 86


34 — 36

86 — 91


36 — 38

91 — 96


38 — 40

96 — 101


40 — 42

101 — 106


42 — 44

106 — 111


44 — 46

111 — 116

XXXL 46 — 48

116 — 121


In addition, you might be asked about your sleeve, wrist and hip/seat size.


  • Find the round bone on the back of your neck
  • Bend your elbow
  • measure from the bone to the wrist on the back of the arm


  • Wrap your tape around your write bone
  • Keep your hand straight, don’t squeeze your wrist


  • Find the widest part of your hips
  • Put the legs together and wrap the tape around your hips
  • Put 2 fingers between the tape and the body (on the side)

Now you are ready to order your box!

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