Frequently asked questions

What style of clothes do you offer?

We cater to all styles. When filling out your order for our fantastic brands we allow you the opportunity to tell us exactly what your style, tastes and preferences are. We advise that you provide as much detail as possible to our stylists, in order for us to be as close as possible to what you like!

What exactly do I pay for?

You only pay for the clothes you decide to keep. Delivery and collection are free of charge.

How do I pay?

Its Simple. When you order a trunk from TryTheTrend, we make an initial €1.00 charge to your card, this charge is only to verify your card protecting you and us and will be refunded back to your account regardless. Then once you have received your items we only charge you for what you would like to keep.

Do I have to keep items?

No. If you are not happy with the items our stylist has selected for you, you are not required to keep any.

How do I return the clothing I don’t want?

All collections and deliveries are FREE! In order to return the Items that you don’t want, just send a quick email to, telling us when and where you want the items to be collected. You can also contact your stylist directly.
If you have not confirmed collection after a number of days we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

What is your price range?

Our price range depends on the specifications you set in your profile and are unique to each individual. We only provide quality clothing from top brands.

How many items will I receive in a box?

Generally you will receive between 8-15 items per box depending on your order.

Do you deliver internationally?

No. For now we will only distribute throughout Ireland.

What happens if I miss the delivery or collection at my house or I can’t be there during the day?

No Problem. Our couriers are happy to deliver to or collect from your place of work upon request.