Courtney Sharp November 30, 2017

Colour Combination For Men

As a stylist for Try the Trend I get asked all the time my advice on colours. Dressing for one’s skin type is extremely important when piecing together a wardrobe. It’s a concept just as important as fit and functionality yet so many people fail to give it the attention it needs. Colours can be a really scary topic though, as a lot of the time you can’t explain why, but you just don’t like wearing a particular colour. I’m here to help sort all this out by guiding you through the colour combination for men in Ireland.  It’s all based on your skin tone and primal colour theory so here we go.

Here is The Colour Combination Guide For Men

Colours to wear for the Irish skin tone (pale):
Let’s face it, the lack of vitamin D in Ireland unfortunately is ever so present. Because of this, it’s important to know how to choose colours based on your skin tone if you are a bit paler. It’s all about creating contrast and depth of colour in your outfit, so if you have a lighter skin tone, naturally deeper colours are going to look best on you. You don’t want to choose extremely deep colours though as too much contrast can simply accentuate pale skin.

Pale skin tones look good in:
– medium tones of grey
– greens (especially an olive)
– navy
– brown
– camel
– blue
– burgundy

Colours to avoid:
– pastels
– red
– white (mostly avoid white on white or all white without any darker tones in outfit)
– beige

Colours to partner together:
– navy + burgundy + white features
– camel + royal blue

Look at Conor McGregor, he masterfully combines the right colours:

August x McGregor COMING SOON!

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Executive producer pin stripes @augustxmcgregor

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If you’re still in doubt about colours, feel free to ask me or another stylist here at TryTheTrend. We’d love to help!

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– Courtney